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Available Recorded Workshops by Sandy Huntress
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Make a Treasure Dragon in PCA 2022 with Sandy!

Learn to sculpt a polymer clay dragon sitting atop his treasure hoard. (Real crystals if you want!!) 

Students will learn how to add details to their dragon, shape him, give personality, create the hoard mound and what kinds of things they can add to the treasure trove.

Enjoy the opportunities for mixed media and creativity.

Perhaps your dragon has a name and intention... you can look up all kinds of things about crystals and include the ones that have meaning for you!

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Sandy Huntress

I’ve rarely met a craft I didn’t like, and have all the gadgetry to prove it!

You’ll often find me in my studio where I make mixed media tutorials, create fantasy figures, sculpt fairy gardens, and play with polymer clay dragons.

Watch my polymer & jewelry video tutorials at:

and follow my blog:

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