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What do I need to get started working with polymer clay?

That's a great question! Polymer clay has become very popular recently with the rise of clay earrings and accessories. The truth is, you don't NEED a lot of tools to work with polymer clay, you can start creating polymer clay earrings, jewelry, art, decor and more with just 5 things:

  1. polymer clay: our preferred brands are Premo and Souffle.

  2. something to roll it flat: rolling pin, acrylic rod, even a drinking glass

  3. something to cut shapes with: a sharp knife, exacto blade, clay blade

  4. something to bake it on: card stock, cardboard, a flat tile, cookie sheet

  5. home oven. Yes, it bakes easily at a low temperature.

Once you have learned the basics, which you can find in our free video series that takes under an hour to watch, that's when the fun really starts! Here at Createalong we have designed high quality tools to create patterns, textures, and surfaces that are beautiful and easy to make.

You don't NEED to purchase all the different tools, but most people who play with clay do enjoy trying different ways to create. We manufacture and stock all these types of tools right here in our Florida workshop:

  • Silkscreens: create a defined pattern that is flat on the clay, using paint or powder

  • Rubber stamps and silicone mats to create raised texture patterns

  • Mini stamps create small images and patterns

  • Polymer clay cutter sets and mylar templates for shape making

  • Polymer clay tools made from metal for shaping, forming, and sculpting- especially in places where your fingers don't reach

  • Simple Sheets gold and silver leaf to create metallic effects on polymer clay- it sticks right to the clay!

  • Stencils for texture, to block out patterns for paints, glitters, and powders

  • Glitters that are solvent and heat safe will stick right to the clay

  • Mica and pigment powders for color and effects

  • Hot fix cabochon stones and crystals will heat bond to the clay during baking

Ready to start learning in our free video course backed by an art teacher and 30+ years of experience?

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