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Alena Becker

In this video tutorial, you will see how to form flowers from polymer clay and how to collect them in a beautiful necklace.


Aoife Smyth Murphy

Master Kaleidoscope Cane - We will create several simple canes and assemble them to create a kaleidoscope cane. We will then sculpt a rose and add it to the centre of the bowl we made with our cane slices. Our finished project will be an Incense Holder.


Barbara McGuire

Intensive Color Butterfly Wing Cane. Focus is on building cane colors, shapes and assembled reduction. Pictures shown are cane applications.


Cynthia Gougian

Come create this easy to make Hardware Store Bail and Boho Heart Pendant! You'll learn how to professionally finish the bail without expensive, specialty jewelry tools. You will also learn a trick to prevent the wire wraps from slipping off the ends of the bail! For the pendant, you will master simple, but striking, staining and dry brushing. The project is packed with skills and techniques that you’ll use again and again. It’s a great addition to your jewelry making toolbox!


Denise Fitzsimmons

Join me in making these beautiful poppy canvases! We will use canvas, polymer clay, and mica powders to create backgrounds and a variety of poppies. This tutorial can be used as the basis to create all kinds of flowers and designs combining canvas and polymer clay! At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to make your own tiny canvases for your own home or gifts!


Helen Cruickshank

A free-standing flat cow model, using clay, wire and wooden skewers to make the armature. Four canes will be taught, two ways of making blends, and various zentangle designs that are inlaid into a flat sheet of clay.


Jan Montarsi

You will create three veneers for three different types of pendants. We will then explore creating three different types of polymer clay bails allowing you to string your projects on neck wires or cords of your choice. My signature “Easy Back”Bail allows you to easily change pendants between different chains or neck wires. We will also cover the sanding and finishing of all three pendants. The materials and tools for these projects are all basic items that most polymer clayers have on hand.


Jessie Hager

Create realistic miniature food!

Sculpted puffy donut “love” photo holder. Armature, texture, faux frosting and sprinkles, shading, attaching a wire to act as a photo clip.


Kathy McCurry

Create your own fantastical flowers! You'll learn how to quench, shape, use liquid polymer in new ways to seal surface treatments, assemble, and construct these flowers. The possibilities are endless!


Lisa Renner

In my “By The Sea” workshop you will learn to make a beautiful Coptic-bound journal or notebook using polymer clay for the covers with a veneer of Faux-Ivory. A scrimshaw effect is quite the complement to the theme and easily achieved through mark-making and embedding. Other techniques you will learn include antiquing, simple caning, and Coptic stitch binding.


Melissa Terlizzi

Learn how to create a small pink ("Major Mitchell's") cockatoo portrait. The class will cover 4 different simple feather canes for the bird's head, chest, and wing; the "foundation" and how to layer feathers to create a realistic looking cockatoo;
creating a textured background and frame, including wire-hanger; and finishing touches and paint details that bring the bird to life.


Michele Jensen (Hinchey)

Create a whimsical fairy-garden scale gnome featuring oversized feet and a variety of hat style options.


Mihaela Georgescu

Resin and clay are a wonderful combination. You'll explore the wonderful possibilities of pairing translucent clay and resin, baked liquid clay and resin and metal leaf and resin. These projects will show you how to make colorful cartoon-like components with an eye-catching glass-like effect.
All in all, as a result of diving into these 4 start-to-finish projects (plus a bonus project), you'll be inspired to create and assemble beautiful, colorful and artful jewelry pieces.


PANARILI (Natalja Ivankova)

Floral Bonbons beads (earrings, pendant)
Once you learn to make the mini flowers you can coat any object in them, whether it is a bead or a bracelet, or even a jewelry box. Choose your favorite colors and shades and go for it!


Pritesh Ananth

These faux-ivory fish focal beads are both easy and environment friendly (no animals were harmed for making these earrings).


Sandy Huntress

In this class you will learn how to create a mixed media dragon pendant. We'll cover everything including choosing a glass, stone or polymer piece as the background, how to sculpt your dragon with details and personality, steps for adding tiny mushroom accents and how to finish your piece into a necklace.


Sandra Pflug

Invite the magic of fairies into your home by creating this unique hobbit style fairy door entirely from polymer clay. In this tutorial Sandy will teach you her method for building a door and creating realistic structures and embellishments. Beginning with a simple faux wood cane for the door panels we will then move on to sculpting techniques using a basic set of tools, chalk pastels and a touch of mica powder to achieve these effects.


Sherri Thompson

In this tutorial, you will learn to make a Bohemian 3 Shade Flower Cane which you can then interpret in different colors, and use for fun things like beads, jewelry, and covering objects.


Suzanne Ivester

"The Polymer Chef"

Students will create a 3-piece mixed-media necklace including silk-screened polymer clay, up-cycled aluminum from beverage cans, and metal embellishments.


Syndee Holt

A refresher on how I build my curved bracelets and how to use the new Liquid Sculpey and molds to create flexible lace to cover the bracelet.

My original PCA2015 project was making bracelets! But WAIT!! I have a new twist on the original base - using Sculpey Liquid clays and the Sculpey silicone lace mold to create one of a kind bracelets that are beautiful and edgy.

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