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Get Started Polymer Clay Beginner Kit Tools Supplies Bundle Save

Get Started Polymer Clay Beginner Kit Tools Supplies Bundle Save


 So you want to join in the fun and get started creating with polymer clay, here's a little kit to help you along the way!

You will need the bead pins to poke holes without distorting them. You will find these pins useful for many things including baking beads, piercing holes, adding texture and more. They are made of copper so they will last. They come in a tube for safe keeping. You will receive 50 pins. $10 value

The Ultimate tool is the ultimate in usefulness! You will find so many ways to use this stainless steel tool including piercing the clay, smoothing edges and corners, poking air pockets in the clay and so much more. $12 value

Everything looks better with a little metallic color added. You will love highlighting your designs with the Essential Metallics pigment powders. Add color to your designs, clay and more with these fun powders. Apply before baking your clay. loose jars $12 value

You will love being able to get into small spaces with these sponge tip applicators. Use these to apply pigments, inks, powders, resin, liquid clay and more. You can wash them gently with soap and water to extend their use or designate one for each color or application. You will receive 20 of each of the 2 styles. $5.00 value

***$39 value Save $7 with this Get Started kit. 






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