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Sky Blue Fine Holo Glitter earring clay resin tumbler 2 oz

Sky Blue Fine Holo Glitter earring clay resin tumbler 2 oz


Get your sparkle on with Glittergasmic heat safe polyester solvent resistant glitters! This gorgeous color has holographic iridescence, and can be fused to your polymer clay before baking simply by rubbing it on! You can also mix it right into your polymer clay colors to create sparkling inclusions. 

You can add this glitter to resin, varnish and glazes, glue, paint, art media, nail polish... the list goes on to anything you can imagine. This means you can decorate polymer clay after baking too! (DO NOT use nail polish on polymer clay- be sure you are using a clay-save varnish or sealer.)

You will receive 2 oz dry weight in a heavy clear-front ziplock bag, labelled with the color name. Please note that different size glitter particles will settle differently in the mail and in storage, and that means our various colors may appear to fill the bag differently :) 

Create pendants, jewelry and earring components, mosaic pieces, resin art, tumblers, nail art, and so much more with these fun-to-use glitters.

Solvent-resistant means that in most solvents the color will not shift or come off.

Heat safe means you can expose the glitter to temperatures up to 350 F and the colors will stay true and the glitter will not melt.

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