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Want to get INSPIRED each month?

  • NEW unreleased CreateAlong tools and supplies based on a collection theme

  • VIDEO and PDF tutorials Inspiration Zone included to help you make something beautiful and learn new things

  • EXTRAS - these are the little things we tuck into the box that we think you'll love, we enjoy introducing you to art supplies and gizmos that work well with polymer clay

  • free membership in our amazing community where you can find all the videos and share your photos and ideas with clay friends around the world.

#CREATEALONGBOX is our favorite thing to put together each month... we have a theme in mind and we get really excited to fill the box for you!

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Only 20 discounted spots available each month for our newest collection of products based on a theme.

NEW CreateAlong tools + art supplies + tutorials :)

CreateAlongBox is a fun monthly Surprise!

Want Inspiration for your CreateAlong supplies?

Check out the Inspiration Zone Community today and get all the video content in one easy-to-find spot.

Then, get new videos and even more projects and inspiration, monthly!

Join us anytime of the month!

*CreateAlongBox Subscribers get this free included with their subscription :)

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Supporting Ron Lehocky's Heart Pin Project

Each month, we purchase 5 beautiful heart brooches from Ron to randomly place in our boxes. These hearts support The Kid's Center.

What started out as a small one-time project to help supplement the fundraising efforts of the annual Kids Center Fashion Show in 2005, Dr. Ron Lehocky’s Heart Pin Project has grown dramatically over the ensuing years to generate over $450,000+ for Kids Center. And, there seems to be no end in sight.


Dr. Lehocky, a community pediatrician since 1974 and a member of Kids Center’s Board of Directors, designs and constructs each heart pin from polymer clay.

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Manage Your Subscription:

Want to just try it out? No worries! Cancel or Update any time.
Your subscription is managed on prior to 2022, or if you signed up recently, so that is what you will see in your email and your statement.

Please search your email for the word "gumroad"  or "polymerclayclub" to find everything we have sent you, including Inspiration Zone tutorials, subscription info, billing reminders (in case your credit card needs updating) and more. has a Libary App you can dowload for your phone or tablet. In here, you can find any pdfs we send you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Subscribe?

Boxes are sold as a subscription so we know how many products we need to create for each month - our subscriber base gives us a good estimate so we know we can fill the boxes in a timely manner.

You can manage or cancel your subscription ANY TIME on your own, or by contacting us, so there are no worries.

We are sometimes able to offer BUY & TRY options, but these will be limited.

We might have a few at the end of the month and they are announced first to our wait list, then to app users, next to our Facebook followers, and then if there are any left, to our newsletter subscribers. So be sure to follow us!

When will my box ship?

Boxes ship during the last week of the month. For example, the January box ships during the last week of January. You will receive an email notification with tracking when your box ships.

When will I get my first box?

Subscriptions are paid this month, and ship NEXT month.

More Questions?

We have all kinds of answers for you at our Helpdesk, we've even taken the time to put photos and step-by-step illustrations of how Gumroad works for downloading and managing your account. Please visit the Helpdesk here.

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Contact Us

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